About Us

The “I AM” Experience prevention program features an exciting program called d-Up! Defend Yourself that recognizes the important racial and cultural strengths found among today’s youth. d-Up! incorporates group activities, skill-building events, and other innovative experiences to provide participants with knowledge, support, and practical tools to make healthier decisions. Participants leave with usable resources and skills to be better equipped and empowered to effect positive change in their lives and in the lives of their friends. d-Up! has been shown to increase outreach, access, and exposure to needed services for participants. d-Up! Defend Yourself helps educate persons about: positive racial and sexual images; HIV and substance abuse; introspection; peer support; and, self-care in a fun, safe, and exciting environment.



d-up!: Defend Yourself


d-up: Defend Yourself! is a community-level intervention designed for and developed by Black men who have sex with men (MSM). d-up! is designed to promote social norms of condom use and assist Black MSM to recognize and handle risk related racial and sexual bias.